The Southern Nevada Chapter, Southwest Section, PGA of America Official Information


The Southern Nevada Chapter, Southwest Section, PGA of America is made up of professionals from Southern Nevada golf courses, and is a part of the larger Southwest Section that encompasses Arizona. The association holds tournaments for its members, volunteers time for various causes while running most of the best courses in Southern Nevada. The Southern Nevada Chapter is currently […]

Las Vegas Golf: Southern Nevada Golf Association Official Information


The Southern Nevada Golf Association is an underrated group. The SNGA is the United States Golf Association body for Southern Nevada, and pretty much organizes and operates any amateur tournament of note in this area. The group runs net, senior and competitive gross competitions throughout the year at our best courses. In addition to the […]

Southwest Greens—Las Vegas


Las Vegas Synthetic Putting Greens  It’s hard to find a nicer or more professional guy than Randy Kleiner, the owner and operator of Southwest Greens—Las Vegas, the official synthetic putting green partner of Locally, Southwest Greens has installed hundreds of putting greens for residents and businesses, and nationally, the company is the most respected […]

Dave Pelz Biggest Tip

Left hand low

Dave Pelz created the Putting Bible, and anyone who refers to putting as a religious experience is someone we here at can trust. Pelz, who is a former NASA scientist, relies on thorough research and statistics when deciding on the best way to putt and perfect the short game. His books, videos and teaching […]