Craig Barlow grew up in Las Vegas, well, Henderson, a suburb of the city that glitters, and is Vegas through and through. He grew up playing the relics of Vegas golf including Black Mountain–his Dad's a member–and Las Vegas Golf Club among others.



Craig Barlow

If you polled those in the Las Vegas golf know years ago, not many would havewould go on to become an 8-year PGA Tour veteran. In 2006, he enjoyed his best year when he won more than a million dollars in a season for the first time, even while missing several late season events due to a bad back.

But he hasn't won a PGA Tour event, and he thinks the time is coming. But it's not just winning he thinks about, its improving and working to become the best he can be. And if his best isn't good enough, then it might be time to hang up the golf shoes, but that time doesn't seem to be very close.

You have to try and improve every year," says Barlow. "If someday I don't think I am improving and my best isn't good enough, then I'm done."

Asked what sets him apart from other players who may have perceived more talent who looked like sure things to be great pros but aren't, Barlow breaks it down succinctly.

"In one word, desire," Barlow says. "You have to want it. I'm not sure if it's something that can be taught or if some people are just born with it, but you have to have a burning desire to succeed."

Stay tuned to Golf Las Vegas Now to see if Barlow finally breaks through for his first win.

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