If ever there was an aptly named golfer from Las Vegas, it was Monte Carlo Money. As a guy who qualified for three U.S. Opens, Money inevitably faced reporters in the Open press tent who thought his name had to be a ruse.

By Jack Sheehan, GLV Now contributor


Las Vegas Golf Club

Las Vegas Golf Club

But Monte was the real deal. He once shot 58 at Las Vegas Golf Club, aided according to his playing partners, by downing a couple six-packs of Budweiser along the way. The beer was both a blessing and a curse for Money, as he seemed to play better with tall ones in his belly, but found that most competitive golf tournaments discouraged the chugging of a lager along the way.

Although he tried a few times to make his way to the PGA Tour, he always fell short. One story even had him being thrown in jail while on a trip when he was attempting to qualify for the US. Open. But with his name and talent, he will forever be considered a certified local legend.

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