A recent study by Desert Cab of Las Vegas reveals the average roundtrip cab fare to many Las Vegas golf courses, with Bali Hai Golf Club, Royal Links Golf Club, Stallion Mountain Golf Club, Desert Pines Golf Club and Las Vegas National Golf Club listed as the top five most affordable fares, with an average of about $31. The roundtrip mileage for Bali Hai Golf Club is 4.8 miles, at a cost of $19.60. Bali Hai Golf Club is a Schmidt/Curley design that evokes the elegance and feel of golf in the South Pacific.

The starting point in the study was from the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The nearest course was Bali Hai Golf Club at 4.8 miles, while the farthest facility was Primm Valley Golf Club at 83 miles round trip.

Many seasoned golfers to Las Vegas will rent cars or use other transportation services as opposed to incurring the large cab fares to the golf courses that are located farther away from the Las Vegas Strip. All major rental car dealers are available here in Las Vegas.

Three of the five closest courses (Royal Links, Desert Pines, and Bali Hai) are owned by Walters Golf. Special deals on tee times and golf packages are offerred through the Walters Golf website.

Las Vegas National Golf Club is operated by the American Golf Corporation while Stallion Mountain is operated by EAGL Golf.

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