Buddy Allin earned more than two million dollars playing on the PGA Tour and what was then the Senior PGA Tour (now Champions Tour). But he was never enamored with the life of a PGA Tour player "It's a me-me game (for touring pros). I hated that." Allin told Golfweek columnist James Achenbach a few months before he passed away. Allin, who for several years lived in Boulder City before moving to California, recently lost his battle with cancer, but will be remembered for his two purple hearts earned in Viet Nam, his love for teaching the game, and the way he went about things on and off the course. Allin liked helping people, and being a head pro.

Achenbach does an incredible job remembering Buddy. Allin was never a me-me guy, and while living in Boulder City volunteered his time to play in at least two tournaments that benefit junior golf in Southern Nevada.


Buddy Allin

Buddy Allin

Allin also loved to fish, and loved his family. He is survived by his wife Carol, and three children Eva, Aaron and Erica, plus four grand children.


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