Image May 24,2007 (UPDATED May 25)–Natalie Gulbis is a star that transcends her sport. She's part pin-up, part athlete, part celebrity. And this golf star, who makes her home on the fairways of Las Vegas golf course Reflection Bay Golf Club, is always busy. Gulbis finished in a tie for 9th at last weekend's LPGA Corning Classic, earning more than $27,000. Her hectic schedule was detailed recently when USA Today writer Steve DiMeglio was forced–forced, we say!–to spend a day in the life with Gulbis. What ensued was non-stop action on and off the course, and what burned brightly was her desire to finally win an event after about 140 tries.

"What makes me tick is having a chance to win tournaments," Gulbis told DiMeglio. "I go out every week to win. It wears on me that I haven't won, but it motivates me to be a better athlete and golfer." Highlights from the day include an autograph seeker who gets a hat signed for the sixth-straight year, a marriage proposal that goes without response, and dozens of photos and film requests. And a golf shot here and there. LIVE LPGA Corning Classic scoring … now.

"My life  "is never boring," she says in the story. I get an adrenaline rush from never being bored."

Read the entire Natalie Gulbis USA Today story … now.

Reflection Bay Golf Club, her home golf course in Las Vegas, is a Jack Nicklaus design that rests luxuriously on the shoreline of the private Lake Las Vegas, the focal point of the billion-dollar resort/residential enclave community located several miles from the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas Strip. Gulbis loves the seclusion, but is also one who enjoys a bit of the night life offered on the Las Vegas Strip.

Gulbis, like is portrayed in the USA Today article, is always friendly and makes those around her feel like they are the focal point of any conversation. The staff at the Las Vegas golf course Reflection Bay loves her, and she has been seen posing in evening wear near here home in promotion of the overall Lake Las Vegas Resort golf community. Not to mention the fact that many of her calendar photos have been snapped on and off the Lake Las Vegas Resort golf courses.

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