Image September 27, 2007–Las Vegas golf photographer J. Rick Martin has been shooting Las Vegas golfers and Las Vegas golf courses for a couple of decades, and the list of those that he has captured through his lens is a who's who of not only the Las Vegas golf community, but of the entire golf world. He has done exclusive photo shoots with John Daly, Natalie Gulbis, Butch Harmon, George W. Bush, and many others, but Bush, Harmon and Gulbis have provided his top three memories, if you don't count capturing Tiger Woods walking up the 18th fairway during the 1996 Las Vegas Invitational, en route to the first PGA Tour win of his career. Martin captured the former President Bush in 1995 for GOLF Magazine, during a round at legendary Las Vegas golf course Shadow Creek Golf Club.

"That has to be the most memorable photography moment of my life," says Martin, a single-digit handicap who is a member at the private Las Vegas golf course Canyon Gate Country Club. "On the 15th hole, the Thunderbirds flew over and tipped their wing to him right at high noon. He stood at attention and saluted them, and I am pretty sure he had a tear in his eye."

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Martin says that any shoot with Natalie Gulbis, who lives and plays out of Las Vegas golf course Reflection Bay Golf Club, will be memorable for obvious reasons, but also because of her personality and professionalism. "I have shot her several times for WINN grips, and each time is great," says Martin. "She is always very nice and for sure the sweetest subject I get to shoot."

Image Martin also says that shooting the world's number one golf teacher, Butch Harmon, who operates the Butch Harmon School of Golf at Las Vegas golf course Rio Secco Golf Club is great work. "He is a true pro, and his shoots are some of the funnest to do because he is a riot," says Martin. "He is the ultimate pitch man, and he makes everyone feel comfortable."

Besides shooting the biggest names in the world, Martin also does weddings including Las Vegas golfers Stephanie and Mike Louden's nuptials. Stephanie is exempt on the LPGA Tour, and grew up playing on many of the Las Vegas golf courses.

Martin is also available for golf events or other custom photo needs. You can call him at 702.303.3333. Tell him sent you or visit

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