Image November 29, 2007–When Las Vegas golfer Chris Riley was at UNLV (1993-96) he became the first four-time All-American in the history of UNLV athletics. Since then he has gone on to win on the PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour, played on a Ryder Cup team, earned more than $8 million, lost full-time PGA Tour playing privileges, and became a father and husband. Currently, Riley is vying to get back full-time on the PGA Tour by going through Q School, and reporter Bob Harig spent some time with Riley during the event in an article titled, "Life of Riley has included many twists and turns". In it, Riley talks about the game of golf being a 'selfish game' and how having kids and a family made it difficult to completely focus. "This is a selfish game. Everything is me, me me," he told Harig. "Throw little kids into the equation and it's not me, me me. Don't get me wrong, having kids is the best thing that's happened. It's gone from me, me, me to all about them. But my attitude about golf started getting terrible and it snowballed."

"I'm getting back to where I want to be. I know what to expect when I'm traveling with the kids. I haven't really changed anything. My golf game is still there. It was a big adjustment period in my life. Now I'm ready to play."

After the first round Riley was in a tie for 92nd at Q School. The top 25 and ties earn the exemption.

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