Image February 1, 2008–Southwest Greens is the leading authority nationally when it comes to creating and implementing the highest quality synthetic putting greens, and Southwest Greens of Las Vegas, headed by Las Vegas golf's own Randy Kleiner, is as good as it gets when it comes to creating your dream backyard. And recently the Las Vegas company has added complete landscape design and installation to its bag of tricks. "Now having (our) landscape license we can now offer customers the full compliment of backyard design and install so the client doesn't have to get multiple quotes from several different contracting trades and wonder if they are all bidding apples to apples," says Kleiner. "If you're a golfer and a putting green is going into your backyard I can design a dream 'Golf Scape' package to each need and budget."

About Southwest Greens and what owning a green means

Southwest Greens, with more than 25 PGA Tour pros owning a putting green, is the leader in the home and backyard golf green industry. Our outdoor and indoor synthetic turf is installed by professionals in a worldwide market. 

By creating the perfect green to fit your into lifestyle, you will treat yourself to a whole new level of leisure. Experience in the industry and the understanding of the game of golf provide us with the knowledge we need to design your dream putting green that is most suitable for your backyard or home. The stroke you practice on your Southwest Greens amenity will be the same you use on a real grass course. That is how similar our finished products are to natural surfaces!

Image Southwest Greens Las Vegas is a certified Water Smart Contractor by the Southern Nevada Water Authority, and Kleiner was a key person in getting artificial turf products approved for the SNWA rebate program, where Las Vegas residents can receive $1.50 per square foot of natural grass removed, good towards the installation of a putting green.

Kleiner and his team have gone through extensive training and will bring in industry experts to ensure that your backyard truly becomes a dream come true.

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