Image July 5, 2008–Las Vegas golf courses Rhodes Ranch Golf Club and Tuscany Golf Club are both designed by the late–but legendary–golf course architect Ted Robinson. The two courses are typical Robinson style with wide fairways that help keep errant shots in play, but offer plenty of challenge around the greens and on the par 3 holes. View the official photo gallery of Rhodes Ranch Golf Club now.

Robinson passed away a few months ago, but those in the Las Vegas golf community that met him remember a great man.

"On my first day on the job at Rhodes Ranch, I went to site and met with Ted, and we walked the course together and he explained a lot of his design philosophies to me," says Daryl Driscoll, a former Director of Golf at Rhodes Ranch. "In particular, how he made sure to have smooth lines for the bunkers. He brought out a piece of rope and had me hold one end while he walked to the other side of the bunker with the other end to ensure an easy flow. He also said that he never wanted to have harsh greens because he wanted all golfers to enjoy themselves."

You will enjoy playing both Rhodes Ranch Golf Club and Tuscany Golf Club.

“He believed pretty strongly in the average golfer,” said his son, Ted Robinson Jr., who now operates the Robinson design firm.  “What he believed in was to build golf courses that were inherently challenging but fun to play.  His hallmark was they were fun.  You didn’t feel like you were beat up.”

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