Tiger and Will Ferrell at Tiger Jam in Las Vegas September 18, 2009–Hi, this is Brian Hurlburt, Founding Editor of Golf Las Vegas Now, reminding our avid readers to wear your sunscreen when you play on Las Vegas' golf courses. It's no joke to do that and avoid the painful sunburn or to prevent skin cancer. And one person bringing his humor to the suncreen industry–and all for a good cause–is Hollywood heavyweight Will Ferrell, who has a series of products that benefit Cancer for College via Ferrell's Will Powered Charity. So make your Las Vegas golf tee times and purchase his products.

"I added 57 yards and a rich, dark tan," Ferrell is quoted as saying on the bottle of "Sunstroke", the product going after the golf niche. It's 30 SPF but also is said to offer help with a person's golf game. "What golfer wouldn't want to sport a rich, dark tan and add 57 yards to their tee shots?" asks Ferrell in a press release. "This sunscreen provides improved accuracy, added distance, and the ultimate bronzing power … we think." 

Cancer for College was formed in 1993 by Craig Pollard as a senior project while at the USC Business School. Craig was a two-time cancer survivor and witnessed first-hand the financial impact cancer can have on a family and the hope a college education can provide to a survivor. The mission is to provide hope and inspiration to cancer survivors and amputees by providing college scholarships. The organization annually holds a golf tournament in Californai with Ferrell serving as the host.

Click now to help raise funds for cancer survivors and protect yourself from the Vegas sun! “Getting to see my old friends (is my favorite part of the event), and golf is so secondary," says Ferrell, who has a history of playing golf in Las Vegas. "The banquet part of evening is really the highlight. Getting to meet the new scholarship winners, and to revisit with the old scholarship winners, to see their progress and meet their families…to see how much of an affect this charity has on their lives.”

Ferrell introduced Tiger Woods at Tiger Jam X in 2007, the 10th anniversary of the event that benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation and takes place in Las Vegas. That year, Las Vegas golf events in conjunction with the Tiger Jam were held at Cascata and Rio Secco Golf Club, two Las Vegas resort golf courses designed by Rees Jones.

Pollard and Craig have been friends since their days in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at USC, and that's how Ferrell became involved in the Cancer for College charity. Will has been a long-time supporter of the charity since its earliest days. As his fame has grown, he's become increasingly generous with time and contributions to the cause.  Will serves as the celebrity host to our annual Cancer for College Golf Classic. He also often attends Cancer for College fund raising events. They are serious about selling the product, and more than 10,000 bottles were sold in a few months. As they say, "A laughing customer is a buying customer."


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