Cedric the Entertainer is Tiger Hood May 5, 2010 (Re-post May 8)–You never know who you'll run into at a Las Vegas golf course, and this past weekend it would have been Cedric the Entertainer at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club. Ceddy, as some know him, played the Ted Robinson design on Mayweather-Mosley fight weekend according to course pros. Cedric loves Las Vegas and golf, and has been known to hang with the "big boys" when in Las Vegas.–Staff report.

He was quoted by the website at Fanhouse that he has partied and gambled with Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods while in Las Vegas on past trips. The interview was posted in October 2009, so it takes on a new meaning these days. He says that the big boys were playing and winning big money, while he was "only winning a thousand." He also said that he tries to stay athletic, is a plus-8 handcap, was drafted in about eight sports, and drove NASCAR for a little bit. Remember, he is a comedian.

Rhodes Ranch Golf Club is a fun resort Las Vegas golf course with wide fairways and greens, and a set of par 3 holes that are an experience to play. Robinson calls them among the best set of par 3 holes that he had ever designed. He passed away about a year ago. Click now to view the official website of where Cedric played and reserve your Las Vegas golf tee times at Rhodes Ranch. The course is located in the southwest part of the valley, and about 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, depending on where you are staying. Also, click now for the official photo gallery.

Click for the official website of Rhodes Ranch Golf Club You can click now to view the Fanhouse video with Cedric that was taped at Sherwood Country Club in California. Also, Cedric was interviewed by ESPN.com several years ago, with a highlight being him talking about his tricked-out golf cart complete with an 8-cylinder engine. The coup went 0 to 60 in about four seconds according to The Entertainer. The interviewer also asked him if playing golf was about playing or styling. "It's a combination of both," said Cedric. "It's all about styling and style points. A lot of times if you can't play golf really well, at least you look the best. I'm Tiger in the hood. He's Tiger Woods; I'm Tiger Hood."

The Las Vegas Golf Region is the home to more than 50 golf courses, and the world's celebrities and athletes flock to them to play golf in the Ultimate Golf City. Besides Cedric, Jordan, Woods, and Barkley, other notables who tee it up in Las Vegas include Greg and Mike Maddux, Kevin Sorbo, Kevin James, Ray Romano, Michael Douglas, and many more. Also, there are many celebrity golf tournaments held in Las Vegas on an annual basis. 

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