Las Vegas' Seema Sadekar brings her style and flair to The Big Break Las Vegas, Nevada (July 10, 2010 update July 14)—Fashion, style and golf in Las Vegas go hand-in-hand. Las Vegas golfer Seema Sadekar, with the help of an appearance on the Golf Channel’s ‘Big Break Sandals Resorts,’ is taking it to a whole new level–one episode at a time. And continuing the trend of pros with strong ties to Las Vegas golf courses. She has survived another week.—by Bill Bowman

Sadekar, who was born in Toronto, now calls Las Vegas home after an impressive four-year stint on the UNLV women’s golf team where she was a standout since the day she arrived on campus. She set numerous records for the Rebels and has taken that drive and determination on into the business world, teaming up with her sister, Nisha, in several endeavors including a golf jewelry site ( and an upcoming site that features the sisters ( Seema is also wearing designer clothes supplied by her sister’s company, the fast-growing Play Golf Designs. Play Golf Designs ( is based in Las Vegas and is billed as a leader in customized golf entertainment, and leverages the skills and attributes of the many up and coming stars of women’s golf worldwide. The Play Golf Designs roster includes 24 dynamic ladies from the LPGA Tour, the Duramed Futures Tour, the European Ladies Tour and other top tours.


But it’s the competitive drive that has Seema in the spotlight on ‘Big Break’ (shown on The Golf Channel every Monday night) as she’s competing for her big break. “Being a little different and energetic I really thought I would be a good addition to the show,” she said about being picked for The Big Break. “I called my family and they were all very supportive. It’s just a great chance for me to show people my skills. It’s great exposure and I’m having a blast.” Due to confidentiality clauses, no one knows the outcome. But suffice it to say it was an experience she won’t soon forget. But, it almost came to an end very early as Seema was one swing away from being eliminated in the second episode of the event. She survived and in the following show she met and had lunch with golf legend Greg Norman. On her blog (check it out every week on where she shares her emotions and thoughts about the most recent episode), she called it a once-in-a-lifetime chance. “Having lunch with Greg Norman was one of the best experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life. He's such a great man and a legend. He shared a few of his amazing and motivating stories about past experiences in golf and his current business ventures. It's not everyday that an opportunity like this arises for a professional golfer. Too cool!”


Before going on the Big Break (as well as after), Seema worked with Vic Wilk, Las Vegas National Golf Club Director of Instruction. The two have been working for a couple of years and Wilk likes what he sees in this rising star. “Seema’s a strong iron player,” Wilk said. “In fact, she doesn’t play hybrids at all. She goes all the way to a 3-iron and she’s very accurate.” He added that the pace of play in the Big Break is often deceptive. “It’s got to be difficult to get any rhythm going,” Wilk said. “You may hit one shot and then wait 45 minutes before you hit another shot. There are a lot of distractions.” The two also worked on breaking glass which luckily … or unluckily … Seema didn’t have to try because she avoided having to take part in that challenge. What’s next on the show? Only time will tell. But every Tuesday after the show Seema updates fans with her blog on “I just share my feelings and emotions about that week’s show,” she said.


Las Vegas National Golf Club is a Las Vegas resort golf course open for all to play. Click now to view the official website of this course that is located just minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip and that is also home to the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame. Over the years, this historic Las Vegas golf course has hosted events on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour, including the Tournament of Champions. And in 1996, Las Vegas National was one of three courses used for the Las Vegas Invitational, when Tiger Woods won his first-ever PGA Tour event. Seema has also spent time at DragonRidge Country Club working on her game. “The staff there spoils me rotten,” she said. The course also played host to Seema Slam which raised money to help the Humane Society, an organization near and dear to her heart. Will Seema Sadekar emerge as Big Break’s latest champion? Only time … and her swing and desire … will tell. Will she continue to shine both on the golf course and in the fashion and style worlds? You can bet on it … after all, we are in Vegas.

(Photos courtesy of Golf Channel’s ‘Big Break’)

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