Las Vegas, Nevada (August 18, 2010)–The father of Erica Blasberg says the investigation into the tragic death of his daughter who was a Las Vegas resident and LPGA Tour golfer, could come to a close very soon, possibly this week. Keith Paul, Henderson Police spokesperson, says he can't comment on any timetable, and the Clark Country Coroner's office hasn't released any autopsy results stemming from the incident on May 9. Since early on, Paul has characterized the situation as a "Death investigation". Blasberg was found dead in her home, and much speculation has ensued ever since with no substantial conclusions coming in the months following the tragedy.–By Brian Hurlburt.

"Everything I have learned, and more and more is coming out, and it all seems to be interconnected," said Mel Blasberg about the investigation which is entering its fourth month. "I have a lot to say but I am being very careful right now because of the investigation. I just can't comment on a lot of things … but I think that the Henderson Police Department would admit that this has taken awhile, but I have full confidence that they will find the truth about what happened. We are going to reach a conclusion and it could be this week." Blasberg was just 25 when she was found dead in her Henderson home. Henderson is a suburb of Las Vegas. Police received a 911 call at about 3:15 PM on Sunday, May 9. Details surrounding the case have been held close to the vest by investigators, but it is known that Dr. Thomas Hess, a golfing partner of Blasberg's at Southern Highlands Golf Club, was the person who made the 911 call.

Mel Blasberg believes the two had more than a doctor/patient relationship. "Dr. Hess is the main person involved in the investigation, and we haven't heard from him at all," says Blasberg. "There has been no explanation, no apology. Nothing. He is deeply protected by counsel, and isn't saying anything. But the more information I get, the more upset I become." Dr. Hess was interviewed by authorities, and reports are that his office and home were also searched by police. Dr. Hess was believed to be with Blasberg on the night before she was found dead. Initial speculation by some was that Blasberg had committed suicide, but no official cause of death has been released.

Since the tragedy, the close-knit Las Vegas golf community has been searching for closure in the matter. From PGA Tour pros to friends to fellow LPGA Tour players, many are wondering why this had to happen to such a promising young lady and golfer. Blasberg had moved to the Las Vegas area following her All-American career at the University of Arizona, but was originally from Southern California. She had become involved in the Las Vegas community, playing in charity tournaments and becoming a regular at the private Southern Highlands Golf Club, where she became close friends with Jay Beckman, Director of Golf. "Erica was a very important part of the Southern Highlands family," said Beckman, the day after her death. "Not only was she a great person but she was a great golfer, and she will be deeply missed." He also commented that she had been practicing very hard in preparation for a Monday qualifier on the LPGA Tour, and was looking forward to a solid year.

"I suspected from the beginning that Erica didn't have to die, and with the more details that I get, I still believe that she didn't have to die," says Mel Blasberg. "She was the girl next door who everybody loved and she didn't have to die." Speculation was also that Erica was taking Xanax, a medication that has been linked to other mysterious deaths. Certain medical practitioners believe that psychiatric drugs like Xanax can cause "spellbinding" of the mind and lead to false senses of emotions, sometimes leading to the act of suicide. No official findings about what, if any, drugs were in her system at the time of her death, or whether Dr. Hess had prescribed any medications to her, had been released at the time of this article. Dr. Hess is still practicing in the Las Vegas area while the investigation continues. Paul said that the official findings of the investigation will be released via press release once the final report from investigators and the coroner are completed.

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