Las Vegas, Nevada (March 6, 2010)–The Las Vegas Golf Region is the home to about 60 golf courses and is considered by some to be the "World's Most Exciting Golf Destination." And the owners and managers of these Las Vegas golf courses employ thousands of people, many of the positions held by PGA of America golf professionals. And more and more of those pros are being developed by the Professional Golf Management program at UNLV. Recently, Key Golf announced financial and other support to the program. —Staff Report.

Key Golf Management is one of the hot new companies in outsource golf course maintenance. Key is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro-Turf International, Inc., a Nevada corporation specializing in the golf industry for over 20 years. The company offers construction, renovation and maintenance programs. Key Golf's client list on the golf course maintenance side includes such high-profile Las Vegas golf courses like Cascata and Rio Secco in the Las Vegas area. Key Golf also provides course owners with other services, such as: National buying power with leading vendors; policy and procedure manuals; training and educational seminars for staff; and the ability for owners to know their fixed costs when it comes to course maintenance.

There are only 20 universities in the United States that offer the PGA Golf Management program, which is fully accredited by the PGA Of America. The University of Nevada Las Vegas is one of those 20 schools where young adults desiring a career in golf can gain the knowledge, and the degree, to enter the business. "The golf industry needs to attract qualified and well-educated young people to help in all aspects of the business," said Key's COO Kip Wolfe in a company press release. "Growing companies like ours are especially in need of people who want to learn and grow with the business. The PGM program is helping to fill that need, so we decided to do what we could to help insure its future."

The PGA Golf Management program at UNLV covers nearly every aspect of the golf industry during the 124 credit hours. Key Golf's focus – golf course maintenance – is an important part of the curriculum. "Technological advances, legislation and general knowledge have changed the way golf courses are maintained," said Wolfe. "And the process will continue to change, so it is important to have educated, dedicated young people entering our segment of the industry." On top of the 124 credit hours, students must complete 16 months of internship experience. Key Golf will place interns on its workforce in a variety of positions.

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