Las Vegas, Nevada (May 21, 2011)–The only constant is change, as they say, and for former Las Vegas Golf Region resident Adam Scott, that is the case. A couple years ago, the former UNLV golfer ended his teacher-golfer relationship with Las Vegas' Butch Harmon, and now recently he has changed to a belly putter. Now comes word he has parted ways with long-time caddie Tony Navarro, a legend who previously worked with Greg Norman. Scott teed it up at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial this week. —By Brian Hurlburt.

"It's been great for me," Scott said when asked about the change to the 'long' putter. "I feel better putting from ten feet and in which is really the reason why I was changing to it. I've seen results in that area already so I'm very comfortable with it. You know, certainly when you can rely on your putting from that range, it makes going out to the golf course every day a lot more enjoyable, and a lot more optimistic in my approach to it. Right now I'm very happy with how it feels. The greens are good here this week. If you hit some good putts, I think they are going to go in."

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He also acknowledged taking some heat for the decision to go to the belly putter, something many golf purists disdain. "I spent enough time with it at home, I didn't care," said Scott. "It just felt good. People are going to say something. It's irrelevant. If they got it in for me, no matter what I do, even if I use a stick … it's a bit of a trend at the moment. A lot of guys are going to belly putters. A lot of guys are going to longer handle putters. Putting is such an important part of the game now. I would say the most by far. We see it every week, the guy who wins the putting stats, is up there, is going to win the tournament generally. You don't see it the other way very often. Guys are finding that the belly or long putters give them the edge, and they are going to do it because the competition is so tough on the PGA TOUR now."

As for his caddie change, Scott said it's tough but change happens. "It's very difficult," said Scott. "I have had a great relationship with Tony. He has been my man. It's not easy. We had a great run together. The cliche, all good things come to an end." Quotes from

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