Las Vegas, Nevada (July 9, 2011)–Longtime Las Vegas golfer Sherry Corsello has one of the best seats in the house for the U.S. Women's Open being played at the Broadmoor in Colorado. Corsello, a former president of the Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association, is assisting the camera crews covering the event. Corsello has been with the crew covering the premiere pairing and sent a couple of quick emails with her thoughts. —By Brian Hurlburt

The first rounds have been delayed by weather, but Corsello still took time to send a message. "Covered the final holes of round 1 of the Creamer/Tseng group. Greens are fast and firm and continue to be a problem. Frustration is clearly evident on their faces. After a short break the group starts round 2 off the 10th tee."

Later, once play had resumed, Corsello sent the following: "Covered the start of round 2 with the Creamer, Tseng and Kang group. All still hitting good shots, but putts not dropping. Lots of loud support for Yani and a large group wearing pink Yani Tseng T shirts. Creamer wearing blue this afternoon also had a large following. Creamer and Tseng appeared relaxed and even checked out Paula's nail polish."

Only a very few players have completed two rounds so it is difficult to say who is in the lead, but Creamer was at -1 while Tseng, the odds-on favorite, was at +3. Las Vegas Golf Region resident Natalie Gulbis was at +2 and in the thick of it in the early going. LIVE SCORING.

"Yesterday was tough not being able to play," said Creamer to the media. "But that's Mother Nature, and you can't control that." Corsello spent part of the delay in the locker room with the players.

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