Las Vegas, Nevada (September 10, 2011)–Coyote Springs Golf Club, a Las Vegas Golf Region course designed by Jack Nicklaus, has gone to the dogs. Well, dog, anyway. The annual Mitch's Revenge golf tournament is scheduled for September 17 and honors the unofficial Mascot of the course, Mitch, who is now famous on Facebook and with the golfers. Cost is just $65. –Staff Report. 

"Mitch was abandoned out here about 3-years ago and now has over 2500 Facebook friends," says Coyote Springs GM Karl Larcom. "He roams the grounds here at Coyote Springs and our regular guests can’t wait to be greeted by him in the lot.In addition to his regular dog food, guests bring Mitch treats and sandwiches on a daily basis. He definitely has the best gig around, but puts on a good show. This is the 2nd year we have had the tournament.  It is our 'Ironman', so everyone plays from 7500+ yards and we make 18 tough, but puttable pins." The inside word is that guests feel a little more special when Mitch does his business on their car tires.


Coyote Springs Golf Club, when it doesn't go to the dogs, is one of the best golf courses on the West Coast. When it debuted in 2008, it immediately was placed on several "Best New Course" lists and continually garners rave reviews. Nicklaus definitely did some terrific work in the desert about 50 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Click now to view the dynamic photo gallery at the official website. Also, click now to reserve your Las Vegas golf tee times at Coyote Springs even if you aren't able to attend Mitch's Revenge.

"First of all, it is kind of in a unique area," Nicklaus told this website earlier this year. "It is about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas and situated in an area where there really was nothing. Coyote Springs created its own area and identity. Similar to Lyle Anderson’s vision for Desert Mountain, when he took a remote piece of property north of Scottsdale and well north of Phoenix and created one of the world’s top golf clubs and communities, Harvey Whittemore had a vision for what he wanted to do with Coyote Springs. We were fortunate to be part of that vision. We took a piece of property that had a very nice setting, surrounded by mountains, and created some movement in it and created, what I think, is a very nice golf course."

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