Las Vegas golf and tennis club fitting dave hallLas Vegas, Nevada (October 10, 2011)–The state-of-the-art Las Vegas Golf and Tennis SuperStore location at Dean Martin Drive (just north of Tropicana) opened with plenty of the bells and whistles. Immediately out of the gate, store owners and management showed off a high-tech TaylorMade Fitting Center. The area was basically created directly from specs used at The Kingdom, the official fitting center at TaylorMade headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the Las Vegas Golf Region. — By Brian Hurlburt
The biggest names in golf use the facility in Carlsbad. And, upon opening, Las Vegas Golf and Tennis made that same technology available to all Las Vegas golfers. In previous articles for the SNGA Grind and, we discussed some of the gizardry and wizardry used to help golfers get the most out of their equipment. Check out for those Las Vegas Golf and Tennis details. But now there is a new person steering the TaylorMade Las Vegas fitting center, and he was hand-picked from TaylorMade headquarters where he fitted highly-skilled amateurs, pros and VIP guests. Part of his duties were traveling across the country and overseeing the TaylorMade custom fitting vehicles. Meet Dave Hall.
The Callaway Golf Center is owned and operated by the same group as Las Vegas Golf and Tennis. Right now there is a huge sale going on at Callaway Golf Center. Click now for all updates and details.
Hall somewhat downplays his efforts at TaylorMade, but he has been in on and/or observed fitting sessions with the likes of Tom Lehman, Dave Stockton , Martin Laird, and Robert Garrigus, among others. Whatever the case, a keeper of the Kingdom is now in Las Vegas and ready to help you with your game. He is located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip at the new location.

“The amazing thing about club fitting is that it allows golfers to go from good to great,” says Hall, who officially started October 1. “It can take all of your errors that you can't fix by yourself and tighten them up. Having custom fit clubs helps you hit straighter, longer, and allows maximum forgiveness. If you think about it, no two people’s swings are exactly the same. So if you are using equipment that is set up for somebody else, then you are going to be sacrificing your own swing in an effort to make the equipment work. Since I have played golf my entire life, I know what a player’s needs are. I also try really hard to make sure I'm listening to the customer first and foremost. Not to be cheesy, but honestly, customer is part of custom, and it is a really personal thing. Once I figure out where an individual’s weaknesses are, I can pinpoint the best way to help them. During my years at TaylorMade, I have fit everyone from first time golfers to seasoned veterans. I believe it's very important to talk the customer through the process and teach them about the changes I am making, instead of just making them and sending them off.” Call now to reserve your time with Dave Hall at 702.892.9999.

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