Las Vegas, Nevada (UPDATED 12/14 December 7, 2011)–Everyone wants to swing like the pros. And now is another chance to get closer to that goal as the official PING Tour Van comes to Las Vegas on December 16th (this has been changed to March 16). The Van is operated by PING experts and offer all visiting and local Las Vegas golfers the chance to be fitted like a PGA or LPGA Tour pro with the best golf equipment PING offers. –By Brian Hurlburt

"PING + PAIUTE = PERFECT!" is how Paiute officials are welcoming the Van. "It’s been to the major tournaments. It’s the talk of the PGA Tour. And now, PING is bringing their tour van – to fit and assemble clubs right on site – to Paiute on December 16th!  March 16th. You can pick the model you like, hit a few balls while a trained fitter determines your specs, and then a certified club builder puts your perfect set together." Click now for all of the PING Van Event details. The event is from 10 AM – 2 PM. Check back to see if the time remains the same.

While you're at the Paiute, be sure to play one of three Pete Dye-designed Las Vegas golf courses. There is Snow Mountain, Sun Mountain and The Wolf. Clik now to view the official website of the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. You can reserve your Las Vegas golf tee times online and learn about special Las Vegas golf deals at Paute including free replays.

More from Paiute about the Tour Van: :The Tour Truck in Detail: The tour trucks from golf manufacturers travel with the PGA Tour to support their players with gear, tweaks, repairs, maintenance, fresh hats and sometimes just a cool place to relax.  The cutting-edge technology married with the latest in club-building machines can literally custom build any PING golf club in a matter of minutes … Customized weighting, lofts, lie, grips take even less time."






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