Las Vegas, Nevada (January 30, 2012)–Las Vegas Golf Region resident Charley Hoffman is one of the most recognizeable PGA Tour golfers. Long, surfer hair and a personality to match will do that for you. But Hoffman is also one of the game's best players. And recently in Golf Digest, he and his longtime swing coach, Shawn Callahan, shared some of their thoughts about what makes him swing the best and thoughts about golf instruction. –By Brian Hurlburt.

"Although ball-striking has always been a strength of Hoffman's game, says his longtime coach, Shawn Callahan, it doesn't come without hard work. They pay attention to the rhythm and length of his swing to make sure he maintains what is one of the most effective driving games in professional golf," wrote Golf Digest's Ron Kaspriske. Read the entire article here. Callahan is an independent instructor at the Butch Harmon School of Golf located at Las Vegas' Rio Secco Golf Club.

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Kaspriske continued: "Hoffman says he has managed to stave off hooks and 'balloony shots' by having a feeling of 'covering the ball' as he swings the club through impact. He prefers a medium-trajectory shot that curves slightly from left to right, and to hit that shot, he focuses on getting his head and chest in line with the ball as he swings through. There's no hang-back in his swing: Everything moves forward. That's a good swing thought, he says, for average golfers who tend to fall back on the right foot and hit weak slices.

"The key is to have my hips firing toward the target while my right shoulder moves down and through the ball," Hoffman told Kaspriske. "It's almost like I'm hitting the ball with my right shoulder." Hoffman was a member of the 1998 UNLV NCAA National Championship team. He also continues to live in the Las Vegas Goff Region today.





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