Las Vegas, Nevada (April 21, 2012)–Wolf Creek Golf Club is a Top 100 golf course, and the best of the Mesquite golf golf courses. But now joining the mix with Wolf Creek Golf Club–and Mesquite golf packages are available–is another of the nation's top golf courses. The management of Wolf Creek is partnering with Coyote Springs, a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, that was included in the Golf Digest Top 100 in 2011. Click now for reserve your Mesquite tee times or Mesquite golf packages with Coyote Springs and/or Wolf Creek.–By Brian Hurlburt Follow @LVGolfInsider

Coyote Springs was included in Golf Digest's 2011 list of "America's Greatest Public Courses Top 100", coming in at 95 on the prestigious list. The course was also ranked the #2 best new course in 2009 by Golf Digest and #3 by Golf Magazine on its "Best New Courses You Can Play" list in 2008. In 2010, Golfweek included the course on its list of Top 100 Residential courses.

"The property does have a few washes that run through it and a couple changes in elevation but there was not as much in the golf course—at least in this first golf course we have done," Nicklaus has said about Coyote Springs. "The first golf course sits in a relatively flat area. We tried to tie in some of the features on the rest of the property and some of the outside features to make it feel like the mountains were coming into the golf course. We were bringing the property together, rather than having just a flat piece of property. We try to do that everywhere it makes sense."

The great news is that it is very easy to reserve your Mesquite golf packages and/or Mesquite tee times via Golf Mesquite Now, an all-inlcusive golf packaging website for all of Mesquite golf. The website is powered and managed by the management and ownership of Wolf Creek Golf Club. You will get the best rates and service when you reserve through the Mesquite golf experts.

These Mesquite golf packages are available with the Eureka Resort and the Falcon Ridge Hotel. Other Mesquite golf courses available include Conestoga and Falcon Ridge, among others.

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