Las Vegas, Nevada (December 18, 2012)–The Las Vegas Golf and Tennis TaylorMade Superstore features the Quintic Putting Analysis System. It's about as state of the art as golf can get, and will reveal everything you ever wanted to know about your putting stroke and more. All local and visiting Las Vegas are welcome to make an appointment and experience the technology that the world's best players endorse. This Las Vegas Golf and Tennis golf equipment store is located on Dean Martin Drive, just north of Tropicana and minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. A putter fitting is offerred as a free service at the moment. –By Brian Hurlburt.

"This system is what the pros, research and development people, and the manufacturers use, and to have access to it in Las Vegas for all golfers is big; it's one of a kind technology in Las Vegas," says fitting professional Frank Blood. "What that means for the golfer is they will have the very best fit for a putter once they go through this process. It measures pull, push, launch angle, and allows us to guide the golfer to the correct putter specs, no matter the brand, or also confirm that the putter they are currently using is good or how it may be negatively impacting a player's stroke."

Las Vegas Golf and Tennis —702.892.9999–has been a leading Las Vegas golf equipment retailer in Las Vegas for decades, and continues to offer the best pricing, service, and selection in the Las Vegas area. Locals and visiting Las Vegas golfers continually flock to the store for equipment, clothing, and now fitting opportunities with the Quintic or the TaylorMade Fitting Center for irons and woods.

"The Quintic Ball Roll Analysis Software provides unique data on how your golf ball reacts after impact," Padraig Harrington has been quoted as saying about the system. "This information is invaluable when custom fitting your putter or improving the dynamics of your putting stroke"

About the Quintic System: "The Quintic Ball Roll putting analysis software is the brainchild of Dr Paul Hurrion who is an internationally recognised Sports Biomechanist. Dr Hurrion is perhaps best known as Padraig Harrington's trusted putting advisor and putting biomechanics over the past eight years. He works with many other PGA Tour golfers including Rory McIlroy, Oliver Wilson, Paul McGinley, Robert-Jan Derksen, Lee Westwood, and also carries his top level skills, knowledge and experience into the research and development of putter and shaft design.

"Dr. Hurrion created the system because he realised the importance of knowing how the ball is rolling out. He saw many products that give information on the putter, but no one had any information on the ball itself. Whilst many putter manufactures have similar looking putters, each putter has different characteristics, such as the type of face insert, weight placement, etc. these are designed to have an effect on how the ball rolls after impact. By only looking at the putter assumes every putter is the same; which is incorrect… Dr. Hurrion realised the importance of measuring the launch charerticstics of the golf ball, including such parameters as speed, launch angle, backspin, over spin, hook or cut spin, smoothness of roll out, whether the ball was pushed or pulled and even how the ball slows down… these parameters are very important when coaching and/or fitting a putter."

"Basically you want the ball rolling right off the face of the putter in a perfect scenario," says Blood. "The Quintic tracks this with precision, and shows you how your ball is reacting. It's a benefit to all golfers and we welcome anyone to come in and try it out with no obligation."

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