Las Vegas, Nevada (December 23, 2012)–The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships from Mesquite, Nevada, debut on ESPN on December 23. The premiere long driving event in golf is on ESPN at 2:30 PM EST and then will be shown again on ESPN2 on December 30 at 2:00 PM EST. But the big news coming from RE/MAX Long Drive visionary Art Sellinger is that the event is looking to hold the Open finals in Las Vegas, and the broadcast partner will be NBC/The Golf Channel. –By Brian Hurlburt

"We are still working to finalize a site in Las Vegas for the Open division finals, a live Golf Channel telecast — at night and under the lights in the 'City of Lights'– will be a great lure," writes Sellinger on the website. "We are working closely with our partner the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Bureau along with their ad agency partner to make this finale a spectacle. Las Vegas will also provide us the opportunity for a unique hospitality experience and corporate partner participation. I will have much more information to share about the 2013 RE/MAX WLDC in the weeks and months ahead."

Sellinger is also thrilled with the move to The Golf Channel/NBC. The network is making October "Long Drive Month" and will devote much coverage to the Finals. "The big news surrounding LDA and the RE/MAX WLDC is the upcoming move to NBC/Golf Channel in 2013," writes Sellinger. "Our new media partner intends to elevate the sport of long drive and this event to unprecedented levels of exposure and viewer interest, both on-air and digitally. With 26 hours of dedicated programming to the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship next October will truly become  'Long Drive Month' on Golf Channel, a two-hour live Open Division final on Golf Channel on October 30, and a one-hour finals recap on NBC Sports, the new partnership promises to pay huge dividends, both immediately and down the road."

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