Las Vegas, Nevada (August 25, 2013)–Wolf Creek Golf Club is a Top 100 golf course located in Mesquite, Nevada, 77 miles north of Las Vegas. The course is a fantasy layout in real life and is annually recognized by media and golfers that play it as one of the most unique golf experiences available. The canyons, vistas, and unique layout that twists and turns over the stunning southest desert is on the "bucket list" for many. And the good news is that there are always quality Mesquite Golf Stay and Play Vacation Packages available at Wolf Creek in conjunction with the Eureka Resort and the Falcon Ridge Resort. –By Brian Hurlburt

You can create your own Mesquite golf vacation by clicking to the official official Wolf Creek website. The Eureka Casino Resort combines a comfortable, relaxing stay and a fun-filled gaming experience at a family-owned Mesquite, Nevada, resort. The Lee family, a prestigious gaming family in the Mesquite and Las Vegas area, own and operate the Eureka Casino Resort. What that means is they know what is important to guests, and strive to ensure a wonderful vacation or business trip.

Mesquite offers a nice getaway for Las Vegas residents but is also a golf destination for golfers from around the world. The Wall Street Journal–Europe named it a Top 10 Golf Experience in the world a few years ago, and comments on the Wolf Creek Facebook page come from all over and rave about the course and golf experience.

"The course looks like a 12 month golf calendar … what else do you need to know … now go play it," wrote Robert Ventura from California. And, "I have appraised Wolf Creek a number of occasions over the last 5+ years and it remains at the top of the list as far as 'must play' golf courses in the West," wrote Gregg Lindquist.

You can check out more information about golf in Mesquite, Nevada, at Note: Wolf Creek undergoes overseeding from September 2-15, 2013, but now is the time to start planning your Mesquite golf vacation. Or you can click now to reserve only Wolf Creek Golf Club tee times.

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