Tim Burke RE/MAX World Long Drive

Las Vegas, Nevada (November 4, 2013)–Tim Burke blasted his final drive at Las Vegas Motor Speedway a total of 427 yards, with about 410 of it being all carry. The walk-off drive ended the hopes of 2010 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion Joe Miller who had just hit one "only" 405 yards. Burke's moment was captured live on Golf Channel, and ever since his life has been a whirlwind. And one of his stops included providing some distance tips to the group at Morning Drive at Golf Channel studios. Check out the video and maybe you can find a few more yards in your driver. –By Brian Hurlburt, Like on Facebook. Photo: LV News Bureau.

Burke, the runner-up in 2012, was on the Morning Drive for several segments. And he provided a few tips to the commentators, most notably Damon Hack. Burke said that he loads his weight about "60/40" to his right side, and also has his hands "slightly behind the ball" which allows him to "release at impact". Check out the video below.

The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship was live on Golf Channel for the first time in history, and also held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the first time. Burke electrified the crowd, estimated at about 5,000 by Golfweek Long Drive expert James Achenbach, with his final swing into the Vegas night sky.

“That was the longest ball I think I ever hit under this kind of pressure,” said Burke.  “This was the best time and the biggest moment of my life, and I’m thankful to be able to come here and get the job done. … The scene was intense. The people were pounding their feet. I felt like I was at the Florida vs. Alabama football game playing quarterback."

And it was a huge moment overall for the sport of Long Drive. “The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship tonight took a step in an amazing direction,” said Art Sellinger, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Long Drivers of America. “The crowd, the atmosphere, the venue – and a great Golf Channel production – all contributed to a dramatic finish with Tim Burke’s amazing 427-yard drive to capture the title.”

The two-hour finale took place under the lights of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a new venue for this season-ending competition and one built for speed.  And it was speed personified, with the eight competitors’ swings speeds exceeding 150 miles per hour, ball speeds topping 220 miles per hour and balls traveling the length of more than four football fields.  The pumped-up finalists hit from a custom-made platform built high into the speedway’s grandstands on to a Championship grid on the race track infield below, creating a dramatic visual feast for Golf Channel viewers.

As part of the overall week for the event, Royal Links Golf Club and Bali Hai Golf Club hosted the pro-am portion of the festivities. Click now to check out how you can play these two beautiful Walters Golf Vegas resort courses.

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