Wolf Creek mesquite fantasy

Las Vegas, Nevada (November 9, 2013)–Wolf Creek Golf Club in Mesquite, Nevada, 77 miles north of Las Vegas has a reputation. Always has, and always will. This resort course–Mesquite golf packages are available with the Eureka Resort and other hotels in the area–is like a playing a golf fantasy come to life. And everyday reveiws from golfers continually prove that point. "If you like Disneyland-style golf holes you will love this place; the funnest course I've ever played," is how member RudyClub from Greenskeeper.org recently described it. And there are many others who gush when speaking about the layout. –By Brian Hurlburt, Like on Facebook.

The course is so much like a fantasy course that the producers of the EA Sports Tiger Woods video game had ideas of creating their own fantasy course with technology, but once they learned about Wolf Creek in Mesquite, the course instantly became the game's real-life fantasy layout. “Tiger Woods PGA TOUR gamers have an endless desire for fantasy courses, which is one of the main reasons Wolf Creek was high on the list of courses we wanted to sign,” said EA SPORTS product manager Praveeta Singh several years ago when they brought the course on board. “The coolest part is that Wolf Creek is a fantasy course that actually exists.”

Want proof of the Wolf Creek fantasy? Click now to the official photo gallery of Wolf Creek. Also click now to reserve your Mesquite golf tee times at Wolf Creek via the official website. And you can learn about Mesquite golf packages at the site as well.

"This golf course is amazing," wrote member BaoMai at Greenskeeper recently. "Beautiful, phenomenal, and stunning are some of the words that come to mind when I attempt to describe this course. The layout is as challenging as it gets and there is a photo op around every corner."

And a few years ago, the editors at Wall St. Journal–Europe named Wolf Creek as one of the top 10 places to play golf in the world, writing the following about the course: "The topography is surreal, so take your camera as well as your clubs. Golf at Wolf Creek is an exciting roller-coaster ride over and through the dramatic Mesquite canyons, just one hour from Las Vegas. If the wind is blowing you can say goodbye to a good score; yardages are difficult to gauge, and wayward shots will not be forgiven. They'll rebound off rocks or vanish into cavernous ravines. Expect awe-inspiring 360 degree views, plenty of elevation changes, and lush green fairways that contrast vividly with the surrounding red rock mountains, steep cliffs and rocky ravines."

Mesquite, Nevada, is a golf destination located 77 miles north of Las Vegas. Wolf Creek is a top 100 golf course and is one of several in the area. You can secure a complete Mesquite golf vacation via Wolf Creek Vacations division.

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