The Wolf Paiute back open

Las Vegas, Nevada (January 2, 2014)–It had been about four months since all three of the Pete Dye courses at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort had been operational. Ever since major flooding hit the resort in late August, the staff has been on a mission to restore the courses back to the shape that visiting and local Las Vegas golfers have come to expect. And as of January 1, 2014, all three are back and as good–better?–than before as The Wolf was officially reopened. General Manager Chad Gunier was part of the first foursome out on the course on New Year's Day, and he shares the sentiments of many of his fellow golfers who also played the course on the first day of the New Year. –By Brian Hurlburt

“It’s been 128 days since the Paiute has been complete, and now to not only be back open but to have all three courses in phenomenal shape is an absolute terrific start to 2014," said Gunier, who led the return to glory both spiritually and operationally.

Major flooding hit the courses during a monumental rain storm on August 30, and the damage was intensified because water rushed down the mountains near the course engulfing the courses. The hills were bare due to the recent Carpenter 1 forest fire and vegetation that usually slows the water was burned away. After surveying the damage, Gunier and his team made the decision to close each course and get to work.

"Initially we all were very emotional because of the devastation we witnessed, and because we had put a lot of work in over the summer to get ready for the prime time playing season, but once we assessed the damages, we put our emotions in check and got down to business," remembered Gunier. "Over the last several months, we have done everything in our power to return these courses to glory, and to a level that our customers expect. I stated immediately following the flooding that we would not open any of the courses until they were up to or above our standards, and we didn’t waiver on that. The Wolf is now the final of the three to open, and it isn’t an exception, but it's in fantastic shape. The golf course hasn’t had a golfer on it in four months and it's in perfect shape and is detailed to the nines. The cut lines are perfect, the greens are terrific, there’s new bunker sand, and we have added beauty to the desert waste areas. People are ranting and raving about how good it is, and the overall support we have received during this time has been overwhelming. On behalf of the Paiute tribal leadership and the golf course staff, we thank everyone for their words and support.”

Snow Mountain re-opened on October 1 and was followed by Sun Mountain on November 1. Much of The Wolf course was ready for play by the end of November, but the golfer-favorite 15th hole that features an island green was completely destroyed during the flooding and had to be re-built nearly from scratch. Gunier and his team didn't want to open the course without the 15th ready, so the other 17 holes grew greener and more pristine by the day while the 15th was left to mature.

Jeff Reid, the Director of Golf Course Maintenance for the resort, is a man of few words but was the guy in the trenches during the renovation process, enacting the plan crafted by he, Gunier, Paiute tribal leadership, golf course staff, and experts brought in to assist. "It just feels great to be back to some normalcy now that all three courses are open," said Reid, who also estimated that 40 of the resort's 54 holes were substantially damaged. "And it's pretty special to look out and see flagsticks back in the greens of The Wolf."

The Paiute is the home to the only three Pete Dye signature golf courses in the Las Vegas Golf Region, and Dye officials were kept in the mix during the renovation. They have approved of the repairs and were amazed at how quickly and effectively course management brought the course back from the edge of destruction.

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