Las Vegas, Nevada (July 23, 2014)–The TaylorMade Golf Experience features a lighted, 9-hole course plus a 113-stall lighted range. Now the course is implementing a 15" Cup to help make golf more fun for beginners and other players. Starting this Friday, July 25, the course will feature the larger 15" Cup and regulation cups on every green. To celebrate this new golf experience, all rounds from 6:30 AM – 3:00 PM on that Friday are just $15. Call 702.896.4100 to make your reservations. Click to the official Facebook page of TaylorMade Golf Experience for more details. –By Brian Hurlburt

President of Adidas North America and former TaylorMade Golf CEO Mark King is the man behind the 15" Cup initiative and is continually working to embrace new ways to make golf more fun. The inernational company recently held a 15" Cup golf event where both Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose played. Many bloggers and golf writers are lauding the new concept whole some are speaking out against it because it takes away the purtiy of the game.

“It is clear our game needs something to recapture the incredible growth and momentum we were experiencing a decade ago,” said King in a press release. “Whether it is this 15-inch-cup concept or an idea that comes in from outside the industry, we need to spark a revolution that will bring new participants to the game.”

Wall Street Journal Golf Columnist John Paul Newport wrote that playing a round with the 15" Cup is "Fun, fast and liberating." Other writers and golfers have found they have shared more laughs during a round of golf than they ever had before.

The new concept has definitely opened up a lot of conversation among golfers as well. It appears that you either love it or hate it but the fact is it has people talking about the game and that's a good thing. And with both size cups on the green, all golfers will be (should?) happy.




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