Las Vegas, Nevada (September 6, 2014)–From September 20-27, Mesquite, Nevada, is once again home to the longest golfers on earth. Six world champions will be determined in addition to the Final 8 of the Open Division who will complete live on Golf Channel from the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort Nov. 4. The Mesquite Sports and Event Complex is the site of the championship where ladies, legends and the Open Division will be hitting big-time drives and generating uncomparable swing and ball speeds. Tickets to the Mesquite and Las Vegas events and free. Click now to view the official website for the schedule. —By Brian Hurlburt

Overall, seven divisions will compete in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship from Sept. 20-27 in Mesquite, Nevada. The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship is the premier power event in golf. World champions in six divisions will be decided in addition to the Final 8 in the Open Division. Divisions include: Masters (65+), Legends (60+), Grand Champions (55+), Super Senior (50+), Senior (45+), and Women’s. Division champions will be determined during the September competition at the Mesquite Sports and Event Complex.

Along with the Desert Launch Championship which started the official season in Mesquite, 14 regional championships in the United States took place and many more around the globe. More than 400 competitors and 1,500 fans and supporters are expected to visit Mesquite during championship week.

Click now to view all fields of the 2014 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship.

October is Long Drive Month on Golf Channel. The first of three RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship episodes debuts on Oct. 14. Each chronicle the compelling qualifying action that leads to the Las Vegas Final 8 and the major live event on Nov. 4 from Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort.

Tim Burke is the defending champion of the Open Division. He hit an epic drive of 427 yards to win the 2013 title over Joe Miller. Both Burke and Miller have been hard at work in preparation for the event. Miller is undefeated in about a dozen long drive events in Europe, and Burke won the Bluff City Shootout, a major event in the United States. Mesquite is a burgeoning golf destination and the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship is sponsored by Golf Mesquite Nevada.

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