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Las Vegas, Nevada (October 17, 2014)–There’s no better, brighter or more impressive place to launch a new product than Las Vegas. And when it comes to new and improved golf clubs, golfers’ ears perk up. TaylorMade put those two factors together with the Oct. 15, 2014 unveiling of the latest irons in its arsenal—the RSi. The launch was held, appropriately enough, at the TaylorMade Golf Experience located on the famed Las Vegas Strip and on hand were PGA TOUR stars Martin Laird and Retief Goosen in addition to TaylorMade Golf product developers and club fitters. — By Bill Bowman.

There are three types of irons in the RSi family: RSi 1, RSi 2 and RSi TP. Helping with the unveiling were PGA Tour stars Goosen and Laird, who hit the irons for the first at the event. The duo spent about 30 minutes hitting and talking about the new irons.

“TaylorMade just keeps coming out with great clubs…clubs that the scratch golfer or the 24 handicap golfer can use,” said Goosen, who has been with TaylorMade for 15 years. “They are a great company to work with and their new technology always amazes me. I can’t wait to get these in my bag.”

We are all looking to hit the sweet spot with every shot. It’s common sense that the more solid the strike, the better the result. And we all succeed in varying degrees. But the actual numbers are startling: 72 percent of hits by golfers are below the center of the clubface and 76 percent of golf shots are mis-hits, whether it’s off the heel or off the toe. The RSi irons are here to help improve those numbers…and your game.

Here’s how and why: Two vertical slots (Face Slots) are located near both the heel and the toe od rhw club face and help provide a more uniform hitting surface. More uniformity in the club means more uniformity in the shot at impact. That means more fairways hit and fewer wild shots. The fact the clubs also have the thinnest face design also helps with swing speed. Put all those factors together and you’ve got a club that not only feels and looks great but performs well. The new technology builds on the previos SpeedSlot technology.

“As professionals, a mis-hit shot is the worst thing,” Goosen said. “We’re trying to land the ball on an exact distance. Whether it’s over water or over sand or to a certain area of the green, we’re looking for an exact distance. With the technology these guys have brought here, that shot that was hit a little low on the club or on the toe is still going to carry that extra five yards to carry that trouble.”

If the pros are excited about stepping up their game and taking it to the next level, shouldn’t you be? The new irons are available for demo and pre-order now at the two locations of Las Vegas Golf and Tennis in addition to the TaylorMade Golf Experience. They will be available in mid-november.

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