Las Vegas, Nevada (November 9, 2014)–Once again the world championship of Para Long Drive were competed at the Mesquite Sports and Event Complex. The event brings together some of the most inspirational athletes in the world to the tee and grid made famous by the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. Double amputee Jared Brentz won his third world title with a drive of 340 yards in the final match to defeat Tim Herrmann, who hit a big drive of 334 yards to finish second. Competitors in 20 divisions traveled from such locales as .S., Australia Canada, England, Israel, Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, Wales for the event that was sponsored by the Eureka Casino Resort  and hosted by a local committee. –By Brian Hurlburt.

“I am very excited about the enormous opportunity that the City of Mesquite, Local Organizing Committee and the Eureka Casino Resort has provided for ParaLong Drive athletes to showcase their abilities at the world famous ‘Home of Long Drive’, the Mesquite Sports & Event Complex,” said Dean Jarvis, founder of Amputee Long Drive. “It’s more important than ever before to bring together amputee, blind, paralyzed, and other differently abled athletes around the world to achieve a goal that is long overdue … ParaLong Drive and Golf being in the Paralympics.”

The other champions of the week and yardages were: 

Open Division Title Match: Brentz, 340 yards vs. Tim Herrmann, Belle Plaine, Minn. 334 yards. Open Division Semi-Final (Top six drives): First group–Herrmann 325 (winner advances); Brendon Jacks, Prescott Valley, Ariz. 314, Scott Aughtry, Hot Springs Village, Ark. 288; Second group-Brentz 352 (winner advances); Josh Williams, Kitchener, Canada 345; J. Dee Marinko, New Castle, Okla. 316.

Divisional World Champions

Triple Amputee: Paul Hebert, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada 239

Traumatic Brain Injury: Humberto Reyna, Liberty, N.C. 255

Hypermobile: Rene Olgers, Aalsmeer, Netherlands 296

Women-One-Arm Unassisted: Kellie Valentine, Erie, Pa. 224

Women-One-Arm Assisted: Tineke Loogman, Aalsmeer, Netherlands 217

Women-One-Leg Below Knee: Kim Moore, South Bend, Ind. 242

Wheelchair: Dave Sawtell, Queensland, Australia 199

Paramobile, 1-Arm: Matt Farmen, Denver, Colo. 201

Paramobile, 2-Arm: Anthony Netto, Capetown, South Africa/San Diego 289

Blind/Vision Impaired:  Scott Aughtry, Hot Springs Village, Ark. 313

One-Arm & Leg: Bill Frey, Goshen, Ky. 245

One-Arm Unassisted: Alan Gentry, Louisville, Ky. 275

One-Arm Assisted: John Rogers, Apopka, Fla. 285

One-Leg Above Knee: Christian Sidebottom, Phoenix, Ariz. 252

Two-Leg Below Knee: Jared Brentz, Nashville, Tenn. 360

One-Leg Below Knee: Josh Williams, Kitchener, Canada 322

Category Champions

Military-wounded in action: Ivgi Shlomo, Netanya, Israel 225

Age 45-49: Rene Olgers, Aalsmeer, Netherlands 296

Age 50-54: Anthony Netto, Capetown, South Africa/San Diego 297

Age 55+: Bill Davis, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. 290Producing and sponsoring many events during the week is the Mesquite NV Local Organizing Committee, City of Mesquite Athletics & Leisure Services, Eureka Casino Resort, Golf Mesquite Nevada, Mesquite Regional Business and other service organizations and businesses

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