Las Vegas, Nev. (Dec. 30, 2014)–The Las Vegas Golf Region's history runs deep. And there’s nowhere that history is more apparent than at Las Vegas National Golf Club. The club is a Bert Stamps design that opened in 1961. So whether it’s a trip down memory lane or a round on the golf course, Las Vegas National is the place to be. Click now for the official website of Las Vegas National to reserve your tee times or group outings. –By Bill Bowman.

Las Vegas National is in the center of Las Vegas (just minutes from the famed Las Vegas Strip) and is also in the centerpiece of golf history. The layout started out as Stardust Country Club and has gone through a number of name changes and has seen it all–from PGA and LPGA events to star-studded, Strip-starring foursomes. The course has also been featured in the movies as it was featured in ‘Casino.’ It wasn’t uncommon for the stars of earlier eras such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and others to play big-time golf matches and then spend time entertaining patrons and friends in the bar.

And through the years and continuing through today, the stars have kept playing the course, with corporate events being held by members of NASCAR, the NBA, the NFL, the Professional Bowler’s Association and many more.

The PGA Tour and LPGA Tour's biggest names have taken their best shots on the course with the likes of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Mickey Wright and more strolling the tree-lined course and earning victories in tournaments played at Las Vegas National. And lest you think this layout is a pushover, consider the fact that Tom Kite and David Graham hold the course record of 62. And Kite’s came way back in 1991. Oh, and Tiger Woods’ tournament round score here? A 2-under par 70.

And on the inside in the clubhouse, the history comes to life right before your eyes as Las Vegas National is also home to the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame. Photos, trophies, memorabilia and a video kiosk showcase the history of Las Vegas golf. The Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame exhibit is open daily during normal clubhouse hours and admission is free.

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