Las Vegas, Nevada (March 13, 2015)–The Las Vegas Country Club is an iconic Las Vegas golf facility. It is one of the most historic and prestigious golf courses in the area and is located just seconds from the Las Vegas Strip. Now the Club is offering both international and national memberships to visiting Las Vegas golfers who want to play this gem of a course that has an atmosphere that some describe as "Las Vegas' Central Park". Click now to view all of the Las Vegas Country Club membership options available. These special visitor memberships offer out-of-town residents a private golf experience while on vacation or staying in Vegas for a short period of time. The membership allows for 25 plays annually plus guest privileges. –By Brian Hurlburt

"I believe the key to both Memberships is having a historic place to come and use as your second home away from home," says LVCC Membership Director Jennifer Dodd. "Both Memberships are supposed to attract Individuals who do not live here but come to Vegas a few times a year and want a place where they can relax and have a good time. The location of the Country Club is a huge benefit, especially for the International traveler that stays in the hotels on the strip and does not rent a car.  They can get to the Country Club quickly. Our location eliminates the rush from the airport to their golfing destination. Another point is the 'social' aspect of the Country Club. We have the greatest events throughout the year and all Members come together and have fun. I feel that our Club does this better than any other Club in town."

To qualify for the memberships, a golfer must live more than 100 miles from Las Vegas, within South America or North America, and be a member of country club in his or her home town. An added benefit to the National Membership is that there are no food minimums and no assessments! National Members have full use of all of the Club's facilities including not only the golf course but also the fitness center, tennis pavilion, racquetball court, swimming pool and more.

Current and former members of The Las Vegas Country Club include governors, celebrities, athletes, hotel icons, business leaders, and other high level members. This is how Andre Agassi has described The Las Vegas Country Club in the pages of The Las Vegas Country Club: Chronicle of an Icon: “It is astonishing to see such serenity, such charm, and something so timeless, in such proximity to the strip, the noisy pulse of our city,” says Agassi, a 2011 inductee into the International Tennis Hall of Fame who has played and practice at the Club for decades. “The maturity of the landscaping is such a contrast and a relief, from the bustle and pace of the neon next door. Through the years, the Country Club has remained the hub for so many families. Golfers, tennis players and many of the families that are the fabric of Las Vegas, take time to connect and enjoy the refuge and the beauty of nature in a way you could not find anywhere else in our city. The Las Vegas Country Club is a fixture in our community and has played a vital role in my professional tennis career. I know it will continue to build that legacy for generations to come.”

Have you found your new home away from home? Email Jennifer Dodd for more information.

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