There are many worthy charities and organizations that assist returning soldiers with the transition from combat service into life back in the United States. Arguably one of the most important is also one that flies a bit under the radar.

The Henderson Treatment Court was adopted by City of Henderson Judge Mark Stevens following an act of the Nevada Legislature, which established the court in 2009. Stevens is a veteran himself and wanted a way to reach out and giving a helping hand to his fellow military men and women who have gone a little wayward on their path back into the civilian world.

The Inaugural Chipping in for Vets golf tournament is scheduled for October 26 at the newly-branded Chimera Golf Club (formerly Tuscany) and will benefit the Henderson Veterans Court and the Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Tee box sponsorships, teams and sponsorships starting at $250 are open and available. You can call Bill Bokelman at 702.209.3967 or email him at to get involved.

The great cause of the event is being supported valley wide, including by the Southern Nevada Golf Association, the official arm of the United States Golf Association in Southern Nevada. New members for the SNGA are always welcome, and more info is available at

“Part of our mission at the Southern Nevada Golf Association is to promote and support worthwhile events and organizations, and the Henderson Veterans Court is one that is important to all of us,” said Ann Sunstrum, Executive Director of the Southern Nevada Golf Association. “Our soldiers and their families sacrifice so much for us that it is an honor for us to give back a little bit and help make a positive difference in their lives.”

The Henderson Veterans Court focuses on these Veterans’ underlying issues and provides access to resources which enable successful compliance with the Court’s orders. Most of the soldiers are first-time offenders convicted of misdemeanor crimes who just need a helping hand to get raised up and become productive citizens.

“We work with defendants who are new to the court system to rehabilitate and hopefully prevent any further criminal activity on their part,” said Judge Stevens. “These veterans come back home and have a tough time adjusting to life outside of the military. Through my own service and experience I understand some of their challenges and work closely with a team of dedicated professionals to get them the help they need.”

Stevens served in the United States Marine Corps from 1988 to 1994 as captain, company commander and judge advocate defense attorney (JAG).

Overall the Veterans Court system was created in 2008 by Robert Russell, a judge in Buffalo. Justice For Vets is the national organization that assists all Veterans Courts. According to Justice For Vets information, “the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken an unprecedented toll on our men and women in uniform. While most return home strengthened by their service, far too many struggle in their effort to readjust to life outside the military.  Often, mental health issues are compounded by substance abuse, family strife, unemployment, and homelessness; ultimately leading to incarceration. Justice For Vets has developed a strategy to give veterans the care they have earned while keeping them out of jail and giving them the tools they need to once again live as productive citizens. Our holistic approach impacts every aspect of their lives, and is having a dramatic effect on the most pressing issues facing veterans today.”

Get involved today with the Henderson Veterans Court.