Las Vegas, Nev. (July 10, 2016)–First on Course – Learn to Play Golf is a new program organized by the non-profit Southern Nevada Junior Golf Association. All classes are taught by PGA of America instructors and are offered at a variety of courses. The Southern Nevada Junior Golf Association is a non-profit organization that also features a competitive Las Vegas junior golf tour and other programs. Visit or call 702-430-2600 to register and more details. –By Brian Hurlburt.

In the new program, juniors learn the fundamentals of golf while engaging their mind and bodies in a fun and exciting setting. The six-week session is $75 and runs the week of July 18 thru Aug. 22.

Another great program is Youth on Course that allows juniors to play at area courses for only five dollars or less.

Big news for Junior Golf in Southern Nevada. Youth on Course is now available to youth who want to play golf in Southern Nevada. By making golf affordable, youth on Course provides opportunities for youth to learn valuable golf lessons while having fun and getting fit too! Did you know that walking 9 holes burns an estimated 750 calories? According to the American Heart Association, walking just 30 minutes, and golf usually takes longer than 30 minutes, helps reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, maintain body weight and lower risk of obesity, enhance mental well-being and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Pretty cool!

On top of all these obvious health benefits – youth who play golf are spending time outside and are generally surrounded with positive mentors and successful adults. Golf is a great social activity – one that can open up new doors for our members. Not to mention, we think it is pretty fun. Affordable golf is the wave of the future.

Youth sign up for membership with a certified Youth on Course club and get a GHIN number. They then receive a member card with their name and GHIN number. They can then go to any of the courses that we have partnered with and show their card to play for $5 or less! Not only are the youth able to play in Southern Nevada for $5, they are able to play in nine other regions across the country where there are other Youth on Course facilities for $5. Very cool!