LAS VEGAS, Nev. (May 10, 2017)–There’s nothing like the look and feel of an impeccably groomed golf course. When a staff takes the time and knows what it takes to offer players the best conditioning they can provide, people tend to notice. And they let others know with reviews. Such is the case at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. In fact, now everyone knows as Golf Advisor has ranked the resort’s Sun Mountain Course as the 22nd best conditioned course in the U.S. — By Bill Bowman.

Impressed? You should be. And this award is no fluke as this is the second-straight year the Sun Course has been honored as a Top 25 pick.

And while you’re marveling at the immaculate conditioning and layout on the Sun Course, don’t forget there are two other courses at the Las Vegas Paiute Resort that are just as impressive: Snow Mountain and the Wolf.

“It starts when people come on the property,” said Jeff Reid, general manager. “Once they come through the doors and see the lush, green grass through the floor to ceiling windows, they get hooked.”

So if you’re looking for that must-play course for your next outing, take the word of those who make it a habit of telling players which courses they should be playing.

The Sun Mountain is the middle course of the three Pete Dye layouts at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort.

The Sun reaches 7,112 yards from the tips. But, with forward tees at 5,465 yards, it’s definitely playable for everyone. The course also features a wide variety of golf holes with elevation changes, water features and Dye-style bunkering adding to the challenge and the beauty.

“All three courses are just excellent,” Reid said. “We’re proud of the great work of our maintenance staff. They have made a big difference with all three layouts. People know that when they come out here, they are going to have a really good day no matter which course they play.”