Southwest Putting Greens Will Make Your Backyard Fantasies Come True


February 1, 2008–Southwest Greens is the leading authority nationally when it comes to creating and implementing the highest quality synthetic putting greens, and Southwest Greens of Las Vegas, headed by Las Vegas golf's own Randy Kleiner, is as good as it gets when it comes to creating your dream backyard. And recently the Las Vegas company […]

Southwest Greens Brings Las Vegas Golf Courses To Your Own Backyard


September 23, 2007–It's time for us here at to shamelessly plug a partner of ours. But we wouldn't plug someone if we didn't believe in them, and besides, we're in good compnay because folks like Jim Flick, Vijay Singh and dozens of other PGA Tour pros all plug Southwest Putting Greens, the leading company […]

World’s Best Players Endorse Southwest Putting Greens; You Can Own One, Too!


August 16, 2007–They say that word of mouth is the best advertising a company can have. Well, if that's the case–and we all know it is–Southwest Putting Greens is money in the bank. The company specializes in the installation of backyard, artificial turf putting greens, and has many a satisfied customer including Vijay Singh, Hale […]

Las Vegas Golf Putting Green Company Partners With Nicklaus


The local affiliate of Southest Putting Greens has been making a mark on the Las Vegas golf course scene for more than a decade. The company has installed more than 3,300 synthetic putting greens in the Las Vegas area, and has satisfied golfers all over the Las Vegas valley. The Southwest Greens product is the highest quality, […]

Southwest Greens—Las Vegas


Las Vegas Synthetic Putting Greens  It’s hard to find a nicer or more professional guy than Randy Kleiner, the owner and operator of Southwest Greens—Las Vegas, the official synthetic putting green partner of Locally, Southwest Greens has installed hundreds of putting greens for residents and businesses, and nationally, the company is the most respected […]

Dave Pelz Biggest Tip

Left hand low

Dave Pelz created the Putting Bible, and anyone who refers to putting as a religious experience is someone we here at can trust. Pelz, who is a former NASA scientist, relies on thorough research and statistics when deciding on the best way to putt and perfect the short game. His books, videos and teaching […]