With first guest Greg Maddux, the Magnifying Excellence podcast that emanates from Las Vegas, the sports and entertainment capital of the world, has launched the first five episodes of Season One. Besides the hall of famer Maddux, the other four guests rounding of the first five (of 10) guests of the inaugural season are U.S. Naval Academy graduate and former Oakland Raiders star Napoleon McCallum, entertainer and business woman Susan Anton, basketball hall of famer and announcer Bill Walton and St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach and 15-year Major League Baseball veteran Mike Maddux.

The podcasts are now available at xlete.com

The podcast is hosted by two-time author Brian Hurlburt, also the founder of GolfLasVegasNow.com and LasVegasGolfInsider.com.

The podcast explores the definition of excellence of each guest, favorite quotes each has used to stay motivated and also candid discussions about overcoming challenges in life and their chose careers.

About xlete.com and the Magnifying Excellence podcast – Pursuing Excellence is reserved for those willing to sacrifice to achieve greatness and maximum achievement. When Excellence is the goal of individuals and/or teams–athletic or otherwise–absolute focus is placed on the process and steady improvement. A destination of ultimate accomplishment is probable. Quite simply, the pursuit of Excellence helps humanity win, and leads to life purpose, empowerment, joy, success, grit and determination, respect, humility, character, attraction, self-belief, kindness, collaboration, innovation, empathy, cooperation and unity. A common thread of Excellence: it is a journey, not a destination.